Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So, Graduation was a bust

So, Jason's Preschool graduation was today. I don't know what I was expecting. Maybe that he would walk down the aisle with his class, sing his song with his class, and just generally do the "norm". I can't imagine why I thought that.

Instead, I arrive at the school (at 5 minutes until 10, because despite the letters sent home saying that graduation started at 10:30, the teacher told my mom it started at 10...) and Jason is dressed in green plaid shorts with a shirt that has monkeys on it...and doesn't even remotely match. (Daddy gets the kids ready for school in the mornings.) SO, I got to go back home and get him new clothes to wear. I get back to the school about 5 minutes before the "ceremony" and get him changed. He seems happy enough at the time.

I go into the gym and sit down with Chuck, my mom, Nikki, Kaity (my niece), and Matthew. Get the camera ready and snap a few pictures. The classes come in, looking cute as can be. It appears that Jas is going to participate, and I'm thrilled! Suddenly, he flips out, starts crying and won't walk down the aisle. Nikki tries to go walk him down the aisle and he has no interest. I end up carrying him down the aisle. I get him to where his class is sitting, and instead of his teacher (well, the teacher's helper) showing me where he needs to sit, she says "Just take him back with you. He doesn't need to be up here." Nice, lady.

I take him back to sit down, and he throws a fit the whole time. He doesn't get to participate in his program at all.

Maybe one of these days we'll figure out what we should be doing....

Anyway - here are a couple of pics...




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  1. Aww, poor guy! LOL! It's hard to be little in front of all those people!