Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy Weekend Ahead!

This weekend, Nikki is going to be spending time in Stillwater with her grandparents! She is so excited. We'd been discussing allowing her to spend a weekend there...and came up with the fact that this was the only weekend between the beginning of May and...AUGUST...that she has free! Busy little girl....

We will be meeting up with her grandparents in Tulsa, and I am so excited! We're taking the boys to buy shoes, then I am going to be buying some new scrubs....THEN...I get to go fabric shopping!!! I know - not exciting for most people, but I am thrilled! We're also going to be meeting up with my cousin and her adorable kiddos for dinner out.

Saturday, we're spending the day in Fayetteville, doing some light shopping, and just spending the day playing. :) I am also going to be practicing a song...(yet undecided, lol!)...for singing on Sunday morning.

And some exciting news! I am in the process of talking with a natural parenting boutique...about carrying some of my items! I am so excited!!! Please pray that it works out and I am able to expand my business in this way!

1 comment:

  1. How fun! I want to send Amelia somewhere for a weekend, hehe!

    I hope you can get your things carried at the boutique, that'd be great!!!