Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh what a summer it has been

I know the summer isn't over yet, but man, it feels like it has already been an eternity. Jason's behavioral issues are at an all time high, which is causing all of us a lot of stress. He is also having some medical issues that aren't the most fun. If anyone who reads this has the time, and wouldn't mind praying for a great little 4 year old boy, we would really appreciate it.

Matty is almost 2, and I cannot believe it! Time has just FLOWN by for my little guy! He is so active and such a fun kid! We do have a few moments of "twoness", but so far, he's been a pretty agreeable kid, lol! We are planning his party for this coming Saturday...with the dreaded Spongebob theme! I swear, that kid is addicted to Spongebob, lol!

Nikki comes home on Friday, and I am SO ready!! I have missed my little girl so much!!

Business is going pretty well. :) I have a couple of new products I am about to "launch" this week, including a Tooth Fairy Pillow and Pocket diapers. :) I am thinking they will both be big sellers! :)

Not much else going on right now. Sorry for no fun stories, lol! Maybe next time. ;)

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